Pair Of Gold Asian Thai Lion Singha Wood Carving Sculpture Home Decoration Gift

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Pair Of Gold Thai Lion(Singha) Wood Carving Sculpture
Luxury style Asian Singha cover with gold leaf and decorate around by green and blue mosaic.

height : 22" (from head to feet)
width : 19" (from face to tail)

This Lion wood carving sculpture made from jackfruit wood which Thai people believe it as the lucky three. Decorate around by the gold leaves and color mosaics.

You can put this Lion wood carving sculpture at your door, inside the home or any place that you want to decorate.

Thai people call this animal as "Singha" or "Pesia" and we believe that this sculpture can bring a luck, wealth and happiness to the owner.

This Gold Lion Wood Also worth to buy as a gift.

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